Orthodontics Has Come a Long Way

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UNDERBITES, OVERBITES, CROOKED, CROWDED, or even gappy teeth can all be treated with braces. There are just as many orthodontic options as there are problems they can solve.

Not long ago, there was only one option, but in today’s world, orthodontics has come a long way to creating beautiful smiles.  

Many people still get traditional metal braces, but now, you have a range of options for children, teens, and adults, depending on your orthodontic needs and budget. Read below to learn more about the different treatment options.

Metal Braces

Traditional wires and metal brackets are what most people picture when thinking of braces. There’s a reason we still use them: they are very effective. Metal braces consist of high-quality stainless steel brackets cemented to each tooth with archwires that run across them. 

The archwires provide pressure to move teeth in the correct direction. Dr. Raineri can choose how he wants the patient’s teeth to move between appointments, by changing the wires different sizes and stiffness levels. These archwires are held in place by tiny colorful or clear rubber bands changed out at each appointment.

A few foods may have to be avoided, such as chewy, hard, and sticky confections. Other foods that are challenging to eat should be cut into smaller pieces to avoid breaking the archwire. A regularly broken archwire will lengthen treatment time. Click here to learn more.

Clear Aligners

For patients who prefer a much lower profile of orthodontic treatment, try clear aligners. Instead of brackets and wires, you receive a series of trays that slowly shift your teeth into the desired position one step at a time. 

Each custom plastic tray is worn for two consecutive weeks. The aligners are virtually invisible and are much more comfortable to wear. There are no metal parts that rub against the gums and the inside of the mouth. 

The best thing about clear aligners is that they are removable. Because of this, eating and keeping your teeth clean during your orthodontic treatment is much easier. And best of all, is there is also no banned foods list!

Wearing clear aligners requires being very disciplined. Your dentist expects you to wear the trays at least 23 hours a day, every day. Each time you eat something, the custom trays are removed and placed back in the mouth. Every two weeks, the trays are replaced by a new, slightly modified set, so if one has not been worn as often as required, the treatment is at risk.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces offer a low-profile treatment like clear aligners. Still, they are just as effective as traditional metal braces at moving teeth into position quickly. They are a popular choice for adults who prefer the subtle look compared to the metal option. 

What distinguishes them from metal braces is that the brackets are made of tooth-colored ceramic, which blends in with your teeth. The stainless steel archwire is attached to the ceramic brackets and held on by clear elastic ligatures.  Read here for more information on ceramic braces.

Which One Should I Choose?

Everyone knows that aesthetics is a significant factor in determining which one you choose. But don’t forget about the cost and discipline too.

  1. Aesthetics – Some patients worry about how they will look wearing braces. If this is a concern for you, consider ceramic brackets or clear aligners that are invisible or hardly noticeable.
  2. Cost – Some treatment options can be more expensive than others. It is a good idea to double-check that your budget will allow you to choose a more expensive treatment plan. Clear aligners and ceramic braces are more costly than metal braces due to the materials used.
  3. Discipline with Dental Hygiene – Before getting any treatment plan, consider if you are an ideal candidate. All braces require a bit of extra dental care time by the patient. Braces need more attention to brushing and flossing to ensure teeth don’t stain around the brackets. For some younger children, it is better to wait a while before braces to improve their commitment to teeth brushing.

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